How to Create a Vision Statement That Inspires

Several years ago, I created a video on, “The Difference Between Mission and Vision,” that is the number one video on the subject (with several hundreds of thousands of views).

Because of the number of people watching that video, someone asked if I had any more video training on how to create a better mission statement.

In response to their request (which is how I tend to operate), I created a video on “What Makes a Mission Statement Good (or Bad).”

However, it wasn’t until this past week that someone asked me about how to create a better vision statement.

So, to honor that request and to help you build a better company, I thought I’d finally create a training this week on how to create a great vision statement for your company.

If that sounds interesting to you, make sure you watch this week’s training, simply entitled,

How to Create a Vision Statement That Inspires

You’ll be glad you did.

Watch the Video

Listen to the Audio

To your accelerated success!


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