The Who Always Determines the What

Is your business getting as much traction as you want? Or not?

Are your marketing efforts not as successful as they once were?

Are you struggling with finding message to market match?

Well, if any of those are true of you and/or your business, chances are you’re having trouble executing this idea that the who always determines the what. The idea of this marketing principle itself is easy to understand. The difficulty is executing the principle.

I spend a lot of time with business owners and entrepreneurs who consistently get this concept wrong.

  1. They focus on what they think is important. Or,
  2. They focus on markets that are too broad or on people who don’t have sufficient resources to pay for that solution at the price point that these companies want to sell their offering at. Or,
  3. They focus on who they think the buyer is, when in fact, the buyer is not the end user but someone else.

On the other hand, when you own this principle (that the who always determines the what), that’s when everything changes for your business and you start gaining significant traction.

So, if you want to grow/scale your business faster this year, make sure you watch this week’s training on, “The Who Always Determines the What”

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To your accelerated success!


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