If you want to make your next event a home run you’ll want to use one or more of the following keynote messages (or workshop/seminar themes) for your meeting. Most of these topics can be presented in a 60 minute to three-hour format (or you can pick two for up to three hours)

Becoming Scalable: How to Build a Fast Growth Business That Generates More Money and Provides More Freedom

This talk helps your attendees understand how to build a more scalable version of their business—a business that isn’t dependent upon them but upon strategies, systems, and tactics that are designed to accelerate the growth of their business at a minimum of 25% or more per year (which is pretty significant since 85% of businesses are either plateaued or in decline). In other words, by selecting this talk you’ll give your attendees the knowledge they need to be able to escape the frustrations they currently have of low or no growth and begin their journey toward rapid growth.

5 Keys to Scaling Now: How to Accelerate the Growth of Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

The difference between this talk and the previous one is that the previous talk is aimed more at the overall strategy and thinking that business owners and entrepreneurs need to adapt/own in order to build a more scalable business (i.e. it takes a more long-term view to scaling). This talk is focused more on quick tactics and ideas that a business owner/entrepreneur can begin to use in the next 30 to 90 days to become more scalable (i.e. it’s more short-term focused). They’re actually complimentary to one another and can be used together or separately.

Becoming Obvious: How to Differentiate Your Business So You Become the Obvious Choice in a Crowded Market

Every business wrestles with the same question, “Why should someone choose us over every other option in our market space?” Even worse, in a crowded market space. The problem is that most business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with coming up with good answers to that question (unfortunately, they tend to come up with answers like, “Our service is better,” which simply doesn’t cut it). During this talk, I’ll walk your attendees through a simple five-step process they can begin using that week to help them figure out how to differentiate their businesses in ways that actually move their markets and generate more business.

Thinking Like a Marketer: How to Immediately Improve Every Marketing Effort Without Spending an Extra Dime

Another common problem that most business owners and entrepreneurs suffer from is that they have no clue what good marketing looks like. They haven’t been trained in marketing and most marketing books go straight to tactics. Unfortunately, if you don’t how to think like a marketer, you can’t evaluate the marketing work your team or your vendors produce (which usually leads to sub-optimal results). However, after this talk, that won’t be true any more. Each of your attendees will walk away with a new set of lenses through which to evaluate the marketing efforts of their business, which will allow them to get better results using the same exact amount of money they’re currently spending. In addition, this talk uses tons of examples of both good and bad marketing so your attendees will be able to discern which is which.

If you’re interested in having me keynote your conference/seminar, please contact me directly at [email protected].

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