Rave Reviews

From Coaching and Consulting Clients

“I hired Bruce right after we had just gone through one of the most difficult times in our organization’s history—and it was clearly the right thing to do. Why? Because Bruce’s ideas, counsel, coaching, friendship, encouragement, and facilitation skills all played a key roll in helping me and my staff turn that around. In fact, within two years, our revenues shot up 50% (or $1.5M) and we were a far more energized and positive organization.” Trish Heffelfinger, Executive Director, MD Soccerplex

“Within the first nine months of working with Bruce, our sales quadrupled and we hit our year-end goal by July. Bruce’s approach is personalized, targeted and incredibly flexible to meet the changing demands of today’s unpredictable market. After each call, we are energized, focused and determined to hold ourselves accountable for our success. Without a doubt, Bruce has been the BEST investment for our business.” Jessica and Stanley Barsch, Owners, Barsch Realty

“Bruce helped me transform a typical silo-focused team into an aligned and energized unit with a clear strategy and a greater commitment to one another and the organization as a whole. Another one of the things I really appreciate about Bruce is that, as a strategist, he often sees things before others do. For example, when we first started working on our strategic plan a few years back Bruce “saw” that we had some intellectual property that other people in our market would probably be willing to pay for. Over the past couple of years, that business line has grown so much that we’ve actually spun it off into a new and successful enterprise.” Nate Evans, CEO, Maple Life Financial

“Bruce gets it. Even though he’s never been the CEO of a $100M NGO, I can’t think of one subject that’s come up or one question that I’ve asked him over the past twelve months where he didn’t have something insightful and intelligent to contribute. We’ve discussed strategy issues, marketing issues, hiring issues, rebranding issues, speaking issues, leadership issues, managing issues, fund-raising issues, etc. and he always has something valuable to contribute. More importantly, he’s helped me be better at what I do. So, I highly recommend him as a business coach who really gets all the pieces of a CEO or President’s job.” Dave Evans, US President, Food for the Hungry

“We engaged Bruce to help us with our virtual floor plan company—just as our nation was entering its worst real estate crisis in decades. During that year, Bruce helped us with everything from our strategic plan to our marketing plan to managing and leading our staff to helping us create our competitive advantages. And the end result of all that work was that he not only changed the way we think and operate, we ended up having our best year ever (up to that point) even though the real estate market was in a major slump.” Suzi Cusack, Owner, TruPlace

“I like to call Bruce my ‘secret weapon.’ Because he’s such a great strategic thinker, leader, facilitator, team builder, teacher and CEO coach, he played a key role in helping us turn our credit union around from a $2.7M loss one year to a profitable one the next. Plus, he’s such a great guy and sounding board that I never saw him as just a consultant, I saw him as a friend.” Rick Wieczorek, CEO, Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union

“I started working with Bruce when I was feeling overwhelmed and needed some help to change the way I was running my business. Over the past two years, my revenues have doubled, I’ve built out a team, I’ve started a brokerage, we’ve put new systems in place, we’ve adjusted our strategy, etc.—all of which have allowed me to spend more time with my family and take more vacations. So, without reservation, I highly recommend Bruce to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.” Bob Brennaman, Owner, The Brennaman Group

“Wow! You were a home run. All I can say is that we got more value out of you in our first two days, than we did out of 18 months with our previous consulting group.” Mark Brunott, FEFC Lincoln“

Bruce is a well-spring of proven and creative approaches to business development and expansion. During the past year, he’s inspired me and, at times, pushed me to take the steps needed to bring my business to the next level. His enthusiasm and focus are contagious, he has the highest standards of integrity, he helped me have my best year ever, and he’s become both a trusted advisor and valued friend.” Aaron Ghais, Attorney, Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy and Ecker

“One of the things I appreciate about working with Bruce is his ability to ask great questions. While there are occasions where he’ll say, “This is what you need to do,” most of the time he simply leads me to the answer by asking great questions. I not only appreciate that, it’s changed the way I lead my staff now” Mark Wilkinson, Journey’s Crossing

“Bruce has this uncanny ability to see and zero in on what seems so blatantly obvious, but isn’t when you’re in the midst of it. Because of that ability, he’s helped me make a number of significant decisions that have tremendously changed my business for the better–and made it more profitable” John Peterson, Profitable Properties“We grew by 20% within six months of working with Bruce–after having been stuck on a plateau for some time.” Don Hamilton, Senior Executive, CACC

“Bruce not only helped me to start my business but he has been my consultant and advisor since then. His advice is always useful and insightful. His recommendations are easy to implement and very valuable. He has great knowledge and skills in marketing, finance, strategy, leadership and business operations. And the result is that my annual revenue and profitability are consistently in the top 10% of my industry, thanks to Bruce.” Amir Rashidian, Mid-Atlantic Chiropractic Clinic

“Bruce does a brilliant job as a guide. Using a team-oriented Socratic approach, he draws answers out from the ones who matter…the people who will be responsible for executing. At the end of the journey, the team owns the solution because they, not Bruce, created it.” Cliff Brown, Principal, AKG Advisors

From Speaking Clients

“We’ve been getting incredibly positive feedback from our people about your talk. My management team, and our leadership group, are all referring to how we can make what we do more, “remarkable”. We want to make sure it’s not just the buzz word of the day, so we’re going to push the theme and make it a part of how we work every day. Again, great job!” Jim Lehmann, Citigroup

“Bruce was such a hit at our annual conference (during a two-hour talk), that we invited him back to spend two full days with our Value Added Resellers. And, believe it or not, he was an even bigger hit during those two days!” Mark Creglow, Co-founder, FileBound/Marex Group

“Bruce absolutely delivered what we wanted for the keynote for our annual conference. He listened to our needs, adjusted his material to fit our audience and then executed the message. And not only were his handouts and stage presence outstanding, he perfectly integrated his content to impact both our attendees’ personal and professional lives. Moreover, afterwards, at least eight of our top executives referenced his talk in their content throughout the remainder of the conference. That doesn’t happen that often and I think it’s a good barometer for how spot on Bruce’s keynote was.” Kurt Sackerman, Maximus

“I’m a big fan! I asked Bruce to deliver a difficult message to a tough crowd–and he delivered in a big way. Not only did he deliver great content, but he did it in an extraordinarily entertaining and engaging way. My partners were fully engrossed in the presentation, and more importantly, remained inspired by it thereafter. We fully intend to continue working with Bruce to achieve our goals and advance our enterprise.” David Pordy, Managing Partner, Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy and Ecker

“As a meeting planner, nothing makes me happier than when people come out of a room raving about a speaker and telling their friends, ‘You’ve got to hear this guy. He was incredible!’ Well, Bruce is one of those rare speakers and he was the highlight of our meeting! I plan to use him again. Plus, he was incredibly easy to work with!” Marylin Watley, Monumental Life

“Bruce was a huge hit at our annual conference this year. His keynote was the perfect kickoff to the week. Not only was it fun, thought-provoking and motivational, it also set the tone for the next few days. From the platform to the hallways, everyone was talking about being and doing remarkable. In other words, his talk wasn’t an, “in one ear, out the other,” kind of keynote. Plus, one of the ways I gauge the success of a keynote is how many people choose to attend the keynote speaker’s breakout session. In Bruce’s case, he didn’t just have a standing room only crowd, he had a spilling out in the hallway crowd. Job well done!” Sheila King,Vacation Rental Managers Association

“Bruce did an incredible job speaking to our top-level executive team at our annual leadership meeting. His keynote on, “Breaking Through Plateaus,” was exactly what we needed to hear. He gave us a lot of insight about things we might want to change in our own business to help us move to the next level. As a presenter Bruce was engaging and energetic. The audience was engaged and Bruce’s ideas resonated with many in the audience. I highly recommend Bruce to anyone looking to shake up their organization and work with a speaker who is not only dynamic but who will also provide practical ideas that can be implemented.” Beth Glassman, Brandywine Realty Trust

“Bruce delivered exactly what we wanted in a way that motivated and engaged our team. He had great content with great illustrations. He interacted well with our people. He gave us lots of practical ideas for us to implement. And one of the things we loved most was that several days afterwards our people were still saying, ‘Remember what Bruce said about …’ which means he obviously had an impact on our people. What more could we ask from a speaker?” Steve Busskohl, President and CEO, Arrow Stage Lines

“You did a great job with everything. Your presentation material was fluid, you were very well prepared, and the content was “right on” with what I was looking for. In fact, I’ve already received several emails from our people who were really inspired by your presentation.”Art Tate, Regional Director, Suburban Propane“Bruce is a tough act to follow. He’s a great speaker who combines great content with high energy. In essence, he’s the perfect after lunch speaker.” Kevin Kelly, Regional Sales Director, Marriott

“Bruce did such a phenomenal job for us, and the feedback we received from his talk was so positive, that we posted the text of his message on the home page of our website–and kept if there for months. In addition, I found that his words influenced my own thinking. He was a big hit with everyone.” Esther Newman, Founder & Executive Director, Leadership Montgomery (MD)

“Bruce did a phenomenal job conveying a lot of substantive information on two key topics that both challenged our ways of thinking and of doing business–and he did it in a way that engaged and inspired our attorneys.” David Anderson, COO, Lerch, Early & Brewer

“Immediately following our conference, and for the next several weeks, I received numerous phone calls and was stopped in our hallways by many of our staff expressing how great Bruce was and how much it meant to them. We will definitely be inviting him back and look forward to his return.” Vendla Esler, Vice President, Patient Care Services, Beebe Medical Center

“Bruce is an incredibly powerful speaker who not only gives away a lot of great content but he does it in such a masterful way that you not only leave inspired (as I was), you leave knowing what you need to do next (as I’m still doing several weeks later).” Fernando MaciasPresident, Validata

“Until I attended Bruce’s two-day seminar on Accelerated Growth, my company was an “accidental success”. But during those two days, Bruce inspired me to stop working “for” my business and start working “on” my business. The results have been dramatic. During one of the worst economic periods in our lifetime, especially as the owner of a small business, our company has added employees, developed and deployed new solutions, started mentoring a junior management team, and really created a sustainable business that will continue to grow, even when I’m not in the office! Thank you Bruce for showing me the light, and helping me reach new heights! I strongly recommend Bruce to help you accelerate the growth of your business!” Bill Becker, CEO of Recordsforce and Be Productive Systems