Ready to Build a Business That Can Run Without You




It Doesn’t Have to Be a Pipe Dream

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?


You started your business with you at the center of everything


Everyone had to check with you before any major decisions were made


As your business grew, you unfortunately became the bottleneck


You tried hiring and delegating but your people “never seem to get it right.”


You’re still so central to everything that happens that you can’t get away


You now have a business that runs you vs. you running your business

If any of the above resonated with you, you’re in the right place. You’re about to discover the path you need to take to build a self-operating business.

The “Self-Operating Business Playbook” is the exact step-by-step blueprint you’ve been looking for. It’s your path to freedom. 

Your Business Simply Needs a Better OS

Most small businesses start out as a meOS (a me operating system). And it makes complete sense. In fact, in many cases, it’s just you.

As you hire more people, the natural tendency is to hire more people to “help you” or to “take more things off your plate.”

And therein is the problem. It’s all centered around you—which is why you can’t break free.

To turn things around you need to completely replace your operating system. You need to get rid of your meOS and replace it with a soOS (a self-operating operating system) so your business can run itself.

Here’s What Some of Your Peers Have to Say

“When Bruce first mentioned the idea of owning a business that could run without me, I rolled my eyes and thought, ‘Yeah, right!’ But then I started doing the work and now I own a self-operating business. I got rid of my office. I travel a lot. And I’m making more. Go figure.”

Vince Fuemmeler

Founder, IMS Technology Group

“When I first started working with Bruce, it was just me. I now have a highly-talented team of attorneys working with me that I have the privilege of leading. Moreover, I now get to spend my time on business development, complicated transactions and doing work I love. I can’t say enough about Bruce.”

Aaron Ghais

Attorney, Shulman Rogers

“After 26 years in business, I’ve finally built a business that’s not dependent on me. I have systems in place. I have a top team in place. I’m holding my people accountable. I’m hiring better. And I’m taking my local brand and turning it into a regional one. I now own my business instead of it owning me.”

Kurt Weinberger

Founder, King Bean Beverage Co

The 7 Steps to Building a Self-Operating Business

You no longer have to figure it all out on your own. Our playbook will show you exactly how you can build a self-operating business.

Owning a Self-Operating Business Can Be As Simple As


Purchase this course and get immediate access to all of the content you need to transform your business.


Start learning the seven steps you need to travel if you want to own a self-operating business that can run without you.


Once you know the seven steps, then you simply need to start applying what you’re learning to your context.


And if you’re doing it right, you’ll not only be free from day-to-day operations, your business will grow as well.

Here’s Everything You Get With The Playbook

Access to over six hours of on-demand video training

Access to all the course books, documents, checklists and frameworks for each step

Access to audio versions of each step in case you prefer listening while driving or working out

Access to an implementation guide to make sure you’re applying what you’re learning

Access to all future updates to the Self-Operating Business Playbook for life

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Isn’t it time that you have a well-oiled machine running your business

So, What’s the Investment?

What’s it worth for you to be able to be free of your business?

What’s it worth for you to be able to go on a two to four week vacation?

What’s it worth for you to no longer be at the center of your business?

What’s it worth for you to have a top team in place that you can trust to run your business?

What’s it worth for you to have a predictable growth engine in place so that your revenues are more consistent?

When you put it that way, this course is priceless. However, that’s not what you’ll have to pay. You can have the entire “Self-Operating Business Playbook” for just one payment of


Introductory Special (90% off)
Just $47

You don’t have to do it all by yourself

Let Me Help You Build a Self-Operating Business

I remember what it was like when I was building my second business.

I was working all the time. I had no life. My family was getting my leftovers. I was exhausted continuously. And I was seriously thinking of quitting.

Then I discovered a better way. A way in which I wasn’t at the center of everything. A way in which the business itself, ran itself. A way that I now refer to as the self-operating business way.

Then my business became fun again. I built teams. Installed systems. Learned how to be an exceptionally effective leader. And then found my life again (as well as my family).

Let me help you do the same.


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Plus, Check Out These Bonuses

My Top 10 Favorite Leadership Lessons

Every week I create a new 10-12 minute leadership lesson for my BizScalers Club members. In this bonus, I’ve selected 10 of my favorites (2 hours worth) that I think will help you build a self-operating business. Value = $297

How to Conduct Effective 1:1 Meetings

If you want to build a self-operating business, you need a team of people who can run it without you. The real secret to doing so is found in your weekly 1:1 meetings with your top team. This short training will make you great at them. Value = $197

How to Get Employees to Follow Directions

Virtually every week I hear from business owners and entrepreneurs who are frustrated with one or more of their employees because “they’re not following my directions.” If you’ve ever dealt with that, this is the solution. Value = $197

Total Value =$1,188
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The Choice Is Yours

You Can Keep Doing It On Your Own

You can keep doing endless YouTube and Google searches hoping to find content that will help you

You can stay overwhelmed with all you need to know and not have someone to help you

You can keep learning by trial and error, hoping that eventually something will work

You can waste time thinking about cost and remain stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed and alone

You Can Buy The Playbook

You can work through the self-operating business playbook’s seven steps

You can learn from a master teacher who’s been leading, coaching and teaching for over four decades

You can employ proven strategies, techniques and frameworks that have been honed over decades

You can invest in yourself and start building a self-operating business 

You Have Nothing to Lose … And Everything to Gain

The last thing you need to worry about when buying a course like the Self-Operating Business Playbook is whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment. So, let us relieve you of that stress. Feel free to take course for a spin for 30 days. Watch the videos. Do the homework. Apply the concepts to your business.  And if for some reason, you don’t think this course is worth your investment, just ask us for a refund and we’ll gladly refund your money. If you don’t think we’ve provided enough value, you shouldn’t have to pay. It’s that simple. Our commitment to you is to always be an investment and never a cost.