How to Hire the Right Person Every Time

Every get frustrated with your employees? I guess that’s like asking, “Is the sky blue?”

My experience has been that every business owner/entrepreneur I know of does. However, what most of them don’t calculate is that the source of their problem probably began long ago—before they even hired that person who’s driving them crazy now.

It goes back to that old adage that “80% of managing is hiring right.”

When you choose the right people, life is good. When you don’t, conflict and frustration, along with sub-optimal performance and poor results follow.

So, how can you turn this around? How can you get to the place where 70-90% of your hires are great hires?

Well, if you’d like to figure that out, make sure you watch this week’s training, simply entitled,

How to Hire the Right Person Every Time

You’ll be glad you did.

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To your accelerated success!


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