Free Resources

Everyone loves free gifts. So, here are a few sample gifts from our BizScalers Club tool chest to help you on your journey toward building a more scalable business. Enjoy!

5 Steps to Improve Anything in Your Business or Life – This one pager will remind you of the five steps, explain why and help you understand what’s needed at each of the five steps.

90-Day Race Plan – This is the main tool we use in the BizScalers Club to organize our quarterly projects and key metrics.

After Action Review (AAR) – This simple tool should be used after every project/campaign/event is over. Don’t let its simplicity fool you.

BizScalers Model– This framework shows you the four things you must get right to grow and scale your business, along with the five accelerators.

BizScaler Business Model Canvas – On one page, this template forces you to answer the nine most important questions about your business.

BizScaler Business Model Canvas with Questions – This version of our Business Model Canvas is filled in with questions to help you build out a better business model canvas for your business (grab a blank version above).

Calculating the Long Term Value and Profit of a Customer – This worksheet will walk you through how to make this calculation, step-by-step.

Core Values List This sheet is from our BizScalers course on strategic planning. If you need a list of possible values to help you and your team brainstorm and then select your core values, this list with solve that problem.

Monthly Marketing Worksheet – This worksheet will help you plan out your marketing activities for the next 30 days.

Quarterly Themes – This is another tool from our strategic planning course. If you’re struggling to come up with names for this next quarter’s initiatives, use this list to kick start your brain.

Six M Marketing Guide – This worksheet will help you organize a marketing campaign on one sheet of paper using the Six M’s of marketing.

Time Log – The first key to improving your time management is to first figure out where you’re currently spending your time. Use this worksheet to help you log your time for the next seven days (note: just by recording your time, you’ll be more efficient and productive. Who wants to write down, “Wasted 30 minutes checking the news” in the middle of the day?).

Time Log Tracking Procedures– This document outlines how to use the Time Log above correctly. Make sure you read it before you start logging your time.

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