The 3 Keys to Scaling Your Business

As a business owner/entrepreneur, there are few things you probably want more for your business than rapid growth (i.e. to scale your business). Unfortunately, most businesses never experience that. In fact, eighty percent of businesses are either plateaued or in decline and the majority of the rest are growing at well under 10% per year.

So, if you really want to scale your business (meaning, you want your business to grow faster, generate more revenue, make a bigger impact and yet still allow you to have a life), then you’ll want to watch this week’s video/podcast on “The 3 Keys To Scaling Your Business.”

Master these three keys and the nine key areas of executive attention and you’ll be well on your way. Believe it or not, it’s as easy as D.A.D. That’s it. Just three keys. So, go ahead and watch this week’s video (or listen to this week’s podcast) to understand.

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P.S. If you prefer to read, here’s a transcript.

Hi, Bruce Johnson, president and founder of BizScalers and today I want to talk to you about the three keys to scaling your business now. Now this is kind of a good news, bad news kind of story, isn’t it? The good news is that you want to scale your business, you want to grow it faster. That’s probably why you’re watching this video or listening to this podcast. The bad news is you’re probably not scaling, you’re probably not growing as fast as you like which is why you’re either watching this video or listening to this podcast.

Well the good news for you today is that I’m going to try to demystify the whole idea of scaling. If you’ve been frustrated or overwhelmed by the whole idea about scaling your business, I want to break it down as simple as possible. In fact, I’m going to give you a three step framework. Three steps. In fact, it’s as simple as D.A.D. DAD. If you can remember DAD, if you can remember your father, then you can remember what you need to do to scale your business. It’s that simple. This is kind of like the father of all frameworks for scaling your business.

There are just three things you need to do. Even better, I’m actually going to draw it for you which is why we have the board out today. And I want to encourage you to actually, if you’re watching this, take out a piece of paper and do this with me. If you’re listening to it, take out a piece of paper and do it unless, of course, you’re driving in which case, don’t do that now. But you’ll be able to remember this. There are just three things.

So what I want you do is just draw three circles and it doesn’t have to be pretty. If you want a pretty version, you can download it from my website, but I want you to be able to do this easily, anywhere, any time, any place. Just three circles joining at the center. Can you do that? Absolutely.

Now the first D is design. So you need to design your business to be able to scale. If your business isn’t designed to scale, it can’t scale. Period. It always starts with a design. Now once you get the design right, the second thing you have to get right is you have to get the attraction right. You need to attract more people to scale. Can you do that? Absolutely, and you can remember that.

And the third letter, the D over here is you need to deliver. So you need to design your business to scale, attract more people to scale and deliver your promises to scale. Again, if you can attract more people in, you need to do that to scale up, but if you can’t deliver your promises on a consistent and predictable basis so that everyone is getting the results they want and they’re experiencing the joy of that on a consistent basis, you cannot scale.

So all three of these are critical, but they’re really the only three keys that you have to think about and worry about if you want to scale. It’s D.A.D. Design, Attract, Deliver. You can remember that? Absolutely.

Now, what does it mean to design? Well threes tend work well so I’m going to give you three ideas. So in the design section, you need to get strategy right, you need to get your systems right, and innovation right. Systems, strategy, and innovation.

So if you don’t have the right business model, for example, to scale, you can’t scale. If you’re still billing time and money, you’re probably not going to be scaling fast. If you’re a solopreneur and you’re just trying to offer your services out there, you’re probably not going to scale. If you’re a SaaS company, you’ve got a higher probability of scaleing. So you have got to get the business model right first.

But once you get the business model right, and the strategy for how you’re going to grow, the second thing is you have to get the systems right. Now I know a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs, CEOs, founders, co-founders etc. hate systems. Well, I don’t care if you like or don’t like systems, you cannot build a scalable business without systems. It’s impossible. There is no such thing as a scalable business without systems. So you’ve got to fall in love with them and create them throughout the whole of your organization.

Finally,  you have to get innovation right. In innovation you need to be thinking about, “What’s the next new thing?” That’s a design question. System’s are a design question. Strategy is a design question. And innovation is as well. If you don’t get innovation right, then your competitors are going to leapfrog in front of you, customers are going to get bored, and you’re going to be left in the dust.

So from a design point, you have to be thinking about strategy, systems, and innovation all of the time. Those are the three things you need to be thinking about to get the design right.

Now when it comes to attraction because you;ve got the design right and you can remember; Design, D. Attraction, A, there are three things again. You need to get your marketing right. You need to get sales right. And you need to get talent right. So if you want to scale, you have to be able to attract an increasing number of people on a consistent, predictable basis. Basically, you have to create a marketing machine so that you’ll know month in to month out how many qualified leads are coming into your business.

Now if you get the attraction you want, that’s good but that doesn’t pay the bills. You need to have customers so you need to be able to have some kind of sales conversion system that will consistently and predictably turn these ideal prospects into your customers, clients, members, patients, whatever nomenclature you use. And you have to do that in order to be able to scale up.

And then thirdly, you’ve got to get the talent right because as you’re growing faster, you’re going to need more people, but you’re also going to need people at a higher level who are actually more capable. So if you want to be able to scale up, you need to be thinking about your marketing, sales, and talent on a consistent basis.

Once you get the design right and you’re attracting more people to scale, then the third key, the delivery part comes into play. Now when it comes to delivery, again, there are three things. This ultimately comes down to your leadership, management, and cash or finances.

In order to deliver your promises to scale, let’s say you’ve got a bunch of new people in, you have to deliver your promises to them, you need to be a great leader building a great organization and team. But you also need to build a leadership team around you so it’s not just you leading the company, but a group of leaders who are leading the company. And then ultimately as you scale, up then you have to create leaders of leaders of leaders of leaders. If you don’t get that right, the company itself will be held back and you can’t deliver your promises to scale.

At the same time, you have to do the management part well. Because you’re making promises, you need to deliver on those promises both internally and externally. Therefore you need the management processes in place internally to make sure that you’re actually delivering and the management processes externally. So not only do your operations have to be great, but your customer service has to be great. You need to make sure that whatever you’re promising actually gets delivered. That is all about operational excellence. That’s a management thing. You’ve got to get that one right.

And then finally, you’ve got to get cash right because if you don’t have cash, you die. In fact one of the problems in scaling for a lot of companies is they’re not paying attention to their cash so they try to scale fast and then they ultimately fail and go out of business because they didn’t have the cash resources. They scaled too fast. If you want to scale, you’ve got to be paying attention to cash all the time.

And those are the three things under delivery. So can you actually remember this? I think so. You can remember DAD. You can remember, design, attract, and deliver. And you can probably remember these other words as well. I didn’t make them fancy because I wanted theme to be easy and operational. At any point in time, you can probably draw three circles, remember DAD and most of the internal words already.

What I want to encourage you to do, if you want to scale up, is take a look at this framework and then look at your company right now and say, “Okay. This month do we need to focus more on design, attract, or deliver?” Pick one and then if you say it’s deliver, “Do I need to work more on leadership, management, or cash this month?” And then pick that one for this month. The next month, look at it again and pick another area to focus on.

Now you notice I didn’t say, “What are you best at? And focus on that.” I think that’s one of the biggest misbeliefs that happens in our industry where people are telling you, “Don’t worry about your weaknesses, just focus on your strengths.” That’s bad advice. Because what normally takes businesses down, it’s not their strengths, it’s their weaknesses. So what I want to encourage you to do is to run with your strengths, but always shore up your weaknesses. So I’d be looking at which one do you want to focus in on to fix every single month. Pick one and if you do that consistently, you’ll get better and better at design, attract, and deliver.

Now there is one blank I left out. And it’s at the very center. At the very center, you need to enter the word ‘you’. Why? Because you’re at the center. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that one of the things that I say all the time is that the good news, bad news about you is that you’re both the primary driver of your company’s success and it’s primary bottleneck. No business can consistently perform at a level beyond the capacity of their senior leader. So if your capacity is here, this is as good as your company is going to get.

In other words, the more that you grow you, then the more you can grow the capacity of your company. So when you’re looking at this, you should be thinking about you and growing you in each one of these nine key areas of executive attention. Because the better you get at each one of these, the better the whole company will be.

So you now have a framework that you can use. There are only three keys to scaling any business; design, attract, deliver. DAD. You’ve got that. So this week, go draw this out again without looking at anything. I bet you’re going to get pretty close. Go back and fill in the parts you forget to fill out and then do it a couple more times until you really own it. And then every single month, every 30 days, redraw it because you’ll have it in memory and look at it and say, “Which one of these do I need to work on this month?” And for the next 30 days, make that one area better.

Over time, this will get better and better and better and you’ll be going faster and faster and faster and you’ll start scaling because the model’s easy. It’s as simple as DAD. Design, attract, deliver.

So hopefully you found that to be helpful. If you did, I would encourage you to pass this on to some other business owners and entrepreneurs that you know. If you’re watching on YouTube, make sure you hit the subscribe button and get notifications when we come out with new content. If you’re listening to this on a podcast like iTunes or some other platform, I’d encourage you to make sure you subscribe there as well.

You don’t want to miss out. Every week, we’re going to deliver great content to you, actionable content about how you can build a more scalable and profitable business. So until next time, to your accelerated success, Bruce out.


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